Businesses For Sale

Industry: Food and Restaurants, American Restaurants
Location: Not Disclosed, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 1,430,000
FFE: $ 40,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,358,188
Cash Flow: $ 494,824
Listing ID: 201834
Description: Established in 1995, this is a well-known and very successful restaurant is ideally located at the base of the lifts in a destination ski town in SW Colorado. The restaurant ...
Industry: Building Materials, Misc Construction
Location: Montrose, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 1,090,000
FFE: $ 200,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,500,000
Cash Flow: $ 300,000
Listing ID: 201811
Description: This is a business that processes and sells reclaimed lumber products for a variety of uses.  With a nearly 20 year history, supplier and customer relationships are long term.  Reclaimed ...
Industry: Service Businesses, Building and Construction
Location: Eagle, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 895,000
FFE: $ 100,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,200,000
Cash Flow: $ 337,000
Listing ID: 201821
Description: This is a rare opportunity to own an independent (no franchise fees, no royalties) restoration company with a stable staff, outstanding reputation, and strong history of rising revenue and profits.  ...
Industry: Service, Landscape and yard
Location: Denver, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 883,000
FFE: $ 150,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,296,733
Cash Flow: $ 398,883
Listing ID: 201802
Description: Established in 1993, this well known full-service landscape company provides all areas of landscaping including design, landscape, hardscape, water features, landscape lighting, irrigation systems and Irrigation system replacement. The company ...
Industry: Construction Contractor, Trucking
Location: Denver Metro Area, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 870,000
FFE: (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 811,663
Cash Flow: $ 136,865
Listing ID: 201823
Description: This incredible business opportunity should sell soon!     It is an outstanding company that has been in business for over 20 years covering the Denver Metro area and is ...
Industry: Food Retail, Restaurant
Location: Edwards, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 675,000
FFE: $ 225,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,140,000
Cash Flow: $ 237,000
Listing ID: 201820
Description: This is a multifaceted and profitable specialty food & wine business which is about 75% retail and 25% restaurant.  The anchor is the specialty meat and seafood retail business with ...
Industry: Health and Medical, Physical Therapy
Location: Garfield, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 499,000
FFE: $ 82,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,107,000
Cash Flow: $ 192,430
Listing ID: 201722
Description: Long-established out-patient physical therapy practice serving the Roaring Fork Valley in the Central Mountains of Colorado. The scope of services provided includes individualized rehabilitation programs to address multiple medical conditions ...
Industry: Healthcare, Service Business
Location: Colorado
Listed Price: $ 465,000
FFE: $ 5,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 380,000
Cash Flow: $ 200,000
Listing ID: 201825
Description: This company provides matching of prospective parents with egg donors and gestational carriers.  Working with IVF centers around the country, the company is a 3rd party service provider supporting participating ...
Industry: Automotive, Service Business
Location: Evergreen, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 399,000
FFE: $ 390,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 400,000
Cash Flow: $ 145,000
Listing ID: 201830
Description: Established, reputable, licensed & insured towing and impound business serving the mountains, foothills and west metro areas with six trucks.  Branded and well-maintained equipment and trucks provide a full range ...
Industry: Production Company, Other Communication and Media
Location: Adams, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 375,000
FFE: $ 190,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,090,000
Cash Flow: $ 100,000
Listing ID: 201736
Description: Established media services company located near Denver.  This profitable, reputable company specializes in event photography and videos, as well as production of corporate videos, custom video/photo products, and online/social media ...
Industry: Flooring Installation, Construction and Home Improvement
Location: Denver Metro, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 299,900
FFE: $ 30,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 529,701
Cash Flow: $ 169,670
Listing ID: 201805
Description: This 30+ year old, niche hardwood flooring installation, restoration and repair company has an incredible reputation. New floors are installed using a variety of standard wood species. The company has ...
Industry: Health and Medical, Physical Therapy
Location: Evergreen, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 265,000
FFE: $ 105,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 480,000
Cash Flow: $ 112,000
Listing ID: 201521
Description: Well-established, profitable physical therapy and Pilates fitness studio located in a premier mountain community west of Denver.  Offering high quality wellness, balance and rehabilitation services in a relaxed and friendly ...
Industry: Retail, Miscellaneous Retail
Location: Denver Metro Area, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 246,300
FFE: $ 3,900 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 944,086
Cash Flow: $ 71,236
Listing ID: 201832
Description: ABSENTEE OWNER BUSINESS!Premierhobby store that has a perfect balance of 70% recurring and 30% new business with a strong email and social media base that fuels growth with low cost ...
Industry: Bathroom Repairs, Home Improvement
Location: Denver Metro, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 244,000
FFE: $ 17,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 137,716
Cash Flow: $ 95,151
Listing ID: 201822
Description: This A+ rated owner/operator company is known as the Crème de la Crème in the industry and have been exceeding customer expectations for over 20 years. It’s been said that ...
Industry: Physical Therapy, Swim Instruction
Location: Denver Metro Area, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 230,000
FFE: (Included in Price)
Listing ID: 201833
Description: Aquatic therapy continues to grow in popularity and has helped clients throughout the years suffering from a variety of conditions from arthritis and autism to balance disorders, chronic pain, depression, ...
Industry: Heating and Air-conditioning
Location: Arvada, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 205,250
FFE: $ 50,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 321,588
Cash Flow: $ 94,128
Listing ID: 201819
Description: People always need heating and cooling, which makes this business “recession resistant”. 2018 is very strong with a huge pipeline of business. This long-standing business has over 750 customers in ...
Industry: Dry Cleaners
Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 205,000
FFE: $ 200,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 240,000
Cash Flow: $ 92,000
Listing ID: 201818
Description: Purchase this business for far less than it would cost to start from scratch!  What sets this business apart is the combination of Customer service, a convenient mid-valley location with ...
Industry: Restaurants, Bars/Taverns
Location: Eagle, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 199,000
FFE: $ 80,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 700,000
Cash Flow: $ 118,000
Listing ID: 201716
Description: Popular Main Street anchor restaurant in Old Town Basalt for 38 years – one of a kind opportunity to own and operate an iconic restaurant and bar with loyal community ...
Industry: Restaurants, Bars/Taverns
Location: Garfield, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 199,000
FFE: $ 150,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 902,045
Cash Flow: $ 132,500
Listing ID: 201737
Description: This independent southwest concept restaurant focuses on providing a fast casual dining experience with flavorful natural ingredients.  The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and has an established and growing ...
Industry: Building and Construction, Other Building and Construction
Location: Garfield, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 185,000
FFE: $ 51,025 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 399,374
Cash Flow: $ 73,564
Listing ID: 201742
Description: This commercial and residential garage door installation/service company has a long history on the Western Slope, from Aspen to Vail and Rifle, with thousands of satisfied customers. They offer high ...
Industry: Food Production, Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing
Location: Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 170,000
FFE: $ 30,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 473,994
Cash Flow: $ 85,326
Listing ID: 201809
Description: This successful business opportunity is part of a nationally recognized Dream Dinners franchise brand.     Anybody who eats will find value in this product and service. It has an ...
Industry: Landscaping and Yard Services, Other Service Businesses
Location: Eagle, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 165,000
FFE: $ 75,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 215,000
Cash Flow: $ 90,000
Listing ID: 201813
Description: Branded independent and licensed plant, tree & lawn services/landscape health care company which provides horticulturally sound services such as lawn fertilizing, deep root tree fertilizing, turf weed/insect management, noxious weed ...
Industry: Beauty and Personal Care, Massage
Location: Jefferson, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 151,000
FFE: $ 7,440 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 250,717
Cash Flow: $ 76,775
Listing ID: 201741
Description: This established wellness center specializes in massage therapy and acupuncture. For more than 29 years, the company has served the Lakewood, Golden and west Denver metro areas and offers sports, ...
Industry: Telecommunications, Install and Service
Location: Denver Metro Area, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 150,000
FFE: (Included in Price)
Cash Flow: $ 53,124
Listing ID: 201829
Description: Twenty-seven years strong telecommunications business serving a niche clientele and phone systems. This company provides consultation, changes, moves, installation and maintenance of telecommunications equipment and cabling of small to medium-sized ...
Industry: Service Business , Florist
Location: Aspen, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 150,000
FFE: $ 78,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 475,000
Cash Flow: $ 115,000
Listing ID: 201831
Description: This business is 90% staging, decorations and floral arrangements for weddings, corporate events and parties, and 10% high-end private home floral arrangement and delivery.  The business has established long term ...
Industry: Restaurants, Deli
Location: Basalt, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 149,000
FFE: $ 75,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 300,000
Cash Flow: $ 70,000
Listing ID: 201824
Description: Buy this Profitable Well-Known Breakfast, Lunch & Take-Out Restaurant in Basalt, Colorado and enjoy limited hours while producing $70,000 in Owner Earnings. Great lifestyle business opportunity with room to grow. Seller ...
Industry: Service Business, Food and Restaurants
Location: Telluride, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 147,000
FFE: $ 7,800 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 172,539
Cash Flow: $ 99,017
Listing ID: 201738
Description: This well known and profitable food cart vending company serves a unique variety of food and drinks. Customers are a blend of locals, tourist from all over the United States, ...
Industry: Building & Construction, Other
Location: Denver, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 127,000
FFE: $ 6,700 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 98,000
Cash Flow: $ 56,000
Listing ID: 201827
Description: For 32+ years, this well know company has specialized in window and door screen repair and replacement including security screens and parts replacement. The company can manufacture new frame/screens and ...
Industry: Professional Services, Mailing
Location: Mesa, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 125,000
FFE: $ 175,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,750,000
Cash Flow: $ 65,000
Listing ID: 201715
Description: Long established mail Services Company providing discounted mailing services, including folding, inserting, tabbing, ink jet addressing, metering, barcoding, sorting to USPS specs and delivery to USPS for First Class, Marketing ...
Industry: Pet Care & Grooming, Pet Shops & Supplies
Location: Garfield, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 110,000
FFE: $ 10,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 130,000
Cash Flow: $ 45,000
Listing ID: 201710
Description: Award-winning locals choice and vet recommended dog grooming and daycare business with a 30-year history in Colorado’s beautiful Roaring Fork Valley.  The business offers full service grooming, utilizing high quality ...
Industry: Retail, Pet Stores
Location: Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 99,000
FFE: $ 50,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 475,000
Cash Flow: $ 76,000
Listing ID: 201807
Description: The business is a specialty pet supply business.  Dog and cat food products are the largest revenue generating products.  Toys, beds and other accessories make up the balance of the ...
Industry: Restaurants, Other eating establishments
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 89,000
FFE: $ 38,045 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 358,166
Cash Flow: $ 35,387
Listing ID: 201814
Description: This profitable, turn-key frozen yogurt shop is located in an area free from competition. It is currently profitable as a franchise, however, additional potential may be unlocked by someone interested ...
Industry: Salon , Retail Products
Location: Arapahoe, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 65,000
FFE: $ 20,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 120,000
Listing ID: 201817
Description: This salon and spa is known for the beautiful space, expansive services, and friendly staff. This business is perfect for either someone with business experience, salon experience, or both. The ...
Industry: Retail, Liquor Store
Location: Montrose, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 40,000
Gross Revenue: $ 400,000
Listing ID: 201815
Description: Located on the main north-south road through Montrose, this family run liquor store serves both locals and visitors alike. Since the 1960s it has been a fixture in town. This ...
Industry: Service, Beauty Salon/Barber Shop
Location: Littleton, Colorado
FFE: (Included in Price)
Listing ID: 201828
Description: This is a well-known salon with a large and experienced team of stylists. The 3000+ sq. ft. facility is beautiful, professional and well maintained with a relaxed feel and stunning ...
Industry: Manufacturing, Other Manufacturing
Location: Ouray, Colorado
FFE: (Included in Price)
Listing ID: 201826
Description: Take advantage of this outstanding opportunity to purchase or lease this operating grow. Supply your own dispensary or wholesale product.  Included in the sale is a State and County Tier ...