Businesses For Sale

Industry: Promotional Products, Golf/Recreation
Location: Jefferson, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 1,100,000
FFE: $ 100,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,449,000
Cash Flow: $ 288,000
Listing ID: 201633
Description: 36 Yrs Providing Personalized Products to the Golf Industry The company is a 36+ year fixture in the golf industry, with art prep, assembly, warehouse, sales/marketing, fulfillment, website, distributors, trade ...
Industry: Retail, Clothing
Location: Colorado
Listed Price: $ 950,000
FFE: $ 500,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,950,000
Cash Flow: $ 320,000
Listing ID: 201731
Description: From leather and shearling outerwear to designer apparel and accessories, some of the finest clothing in the world and a great customer base with steady traffic of desirable new customers ...
Industry: Restaurant, Breakfast, Lunch
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 849,000
FFE: $ 40,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 565,989
Cash Flow: $ 86,816
Listing ID: 201734
Description: A delightful and inviting Cafe on a main street currently serving breakfast and lunch.   The building ceilings are two stories high, creating an open and inviting area and local ...
Industry: Retail, Clothing & Accessories
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 793,400
FFE: $ 8,444 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,207,043
Cash Flow: $ 340,813
Listing ID: 201739
Description:   Located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, this established and very profitable shoe store specializes in women’s shoes, clothing and accessories. Founded in 1999, the company has a storied history of ...
Industry: Service, Health, Medical, Dental
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 710,000
FFE: $ 149,399 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 741,000
Cash Flow: $ 281,500
Listing ID: 201713
Description: Established in 2006, this laser and aesthetic medical spa has shown consistent year-over-year sales growth and profit.  They provide a wide range of laser procedures, cosmetic injectables, esthetician skin care ...
Industry: Construction - Specialty Trades
Location: Colorado
Listed Price: $ 663,000
FFE: $ 50,329 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 943,257
Cash Flow: $ 250,000
Listing ID: 201614
Description: Residential and commercial floor products and installation company with a 15 year history of success and steady growth. Products include hardwood, carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate, vinyl tile, vinyl plank, and ...
Industry: Restaurant, Bars/Tavern
Location: Pitkin, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 650,000
FFE: $ 80,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,300,000
Cash Flow: $ 160,000
Listing ID: 201733
Description: Unsurpassed for its spectacular setting, this restaurant and bar is a destination for locals and visitors, as well as for special events.  The restaurant offers a picturesque casual atmosphere for ...
Industry: Health and Medical, Physical Therapy
Location: Garfield, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 575,000
FFE: $ 82,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,107,000
Cash Flow: $ 192,430
Listing ID: 201722
Description: Long-established out-patient physical therapy practice serving the Roaring Fork Valley in the Central Mountains of Colorado. The scope of services provided includes individualized rehabilitation programs to address multiple medical conditions ...
Industry: Construction, Specialty Trades
Location: Denver, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 540,000
FFE: $ 28,400 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 720,000
Cash Flow: $ 245,000
Listing ID: 201727
Description: This is an outstanding opportunity to acquire an established HVAC company with a 30+ year history, repeat customers, references and  tremendous growth potential.    This company provides heating, air conditioning, ...
Industry: Construction, Flooring
Location: Denver, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 399,000
FFE: $ 30,000
Gross Revenue: $ 547,627
Cash Flow: $ 166,493
Listing ID: 201729
Description: This is a 30 year old hardwood flooring installation, restoration and repair company that has been consistently profitable. New floors are installed using a variety of standard wood species. The ...
Industry: Automotive, Accessories
Location: Routt, CO
Listed Price: $ 385,000
FFE: $ 90,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 890,000
Cash Flow: $ 173,000
Listing ID: 201725
Description: The combination of service and retail produces a reliable high margin business.  The owner enjoys a substantial six-figure cash flow.  Do you like cars and trucks?  Like to customize them?  ...
Industry: Motion Pictures, Other Personal Services
Location: Adams, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 375,000
FFE: $ 190,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,090,000
Cash Flow: $ 90,000
Listing ID: 201736
Description: Established video and photography production company located near Denver.  This profitable, reputable company specializes in event photography and videos, as well as corporate videos.  With an impressive portfolio, the company ...
Industry: Wholesale & Distribution - Durable Goods, Miscellaneous Retail
Location: Colorado
Listed Price: $ 349,000
FFE: $ 15,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 708,000
Cash Flow: $ 145,500
Listing ID: 201732
Description: Wholesale import company specializing in a unique line of handmade, “fairly traded” holiday, home décor, fashion accessories and kids toys.  The lines are designed by the company and created by ...
Industry: Service, Beauty Salons/Barber Shop
Location: Douglas, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 318,000
FFE: $ 39,760 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 333,437
Cash Flow: $ 139,936
Listing ID: 201728
Description: This is one of the largest booth rental salons in the Denver Metro area with a large and experienced team of stylists. This beautiful and well maintained 3000+ sq. ft. ...
Industry: Restaurants, Bars/Taverns
Location: Garfield, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 299,000
FFE: $ 150,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 934,500
Cash Flow: $ 132,500
Listing ID: 201737
Description: This independent southwest concept restaurant focuses on providing a fast casual dining experience with flavorful natural ingredients.  The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and has an established and growing ...
Industry: Restaurants, Other Food Stores
Location: Pitkin, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 275,000
FFE: $ 30,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 360,000
Cash Flow: $ 140,000
Listing ID: 201735
Description: Authentic French Bakery and café serving pastries, cakes, croissants, desserts, sandwiches, panini, salads, espresso, drinks and catering.  High cultured and affluent area also near airport, ski areas and resort towns.  ...
Industry: Restaurants, Bars/Taverns
Location: Eagle, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 270,000
FFE: $ 80,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 700,000
Cash Flow: $ 118,000
Listing ID: 201716
Description: Popular Main Street anchor restaurant in Old Town Basalt for 38 years – one of a kind opportunity to own and operate an iconic restaurant and bar with loyal community ...
Industry: Business Services
Location: Denver, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 249,000
FFE: (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 715,021
Cash Flow: $ 129,465
Listing ID: 201714
Description: The company provides career counseling, personal branding and marketing to C-Level (CEO, CFO, CIO), executives and management.  This includes one-on-one training, corporate in-house training and outplacement services for professionals early ...
Industry: Health and Medical, Physical Therapy
Location: Jefferson, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 245,000
FFE: $ 105,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 480,000
Cash Flow: $ 112,000
Listing ID: 201521
Description: Well-established, profitable physical therapy and Pilates fitness studio located in a premier mountain community west of Denver.  Offering high quality wellness, balance and rehabilitation services in a relaxed and friendly ...
Industry: Service, Travel Agency
Location: El Paso, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 245,000
FFE: $ 12,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 2,667,501
Cash Flow: $ 91,750
Listing ID: 201726
Description: This is a full-service, well established and fast growing travel agency with a local, national and worldwide customer base. The company is technologically equipped to handle today’s travel industry IT ...
Industry: Retail, Liquor
Location: Jefferson, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 199,000
FFE: $ 50,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,018,623
Listing ID: 201723
Description: Established liquor store in the historic Foss Drug Company building in downtown Golden, close to college campus, with heavy foot and vehicle traffic and ample parking. State legislative changes for ...
Industry: Professional Services, Mailing
Location: Mesa, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 175,000
FFE: $ 175,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 1,750,000
Cash Flow: $ 65,000
Listing ID: 201715
Description: Long established mail Services Company providing discounted mailing services, including folding, inserting, tabbing, ink jet addressing, metering, barcoding, sorting to USPS specs and delivery to USPS for First Class, Marketing ...
Industry: Service Business, Food and Restaurants
Location: La Plata, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 169,400
FFE: $ 7,800 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 172,539
Cash Flow: $ 99,017
Listing ID: 201738
Description: This well known and profitable food cart vending company serves a unique variety of food and drinks. Customers are a blend of locals, tourist from all over the United States, ...
Industry: Restaurant, Pizza
Location: Routt, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 138,000
FFE: $ 110,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 400,000
Cash Flow: $ 83,000
Listing ID: 201702
Description: As restaurant operations go, it does not get much simpler than pizza delivery.  Margins are among the best in the food trade.  Nationally, pizza is one of the most popular ...
Industry: Health and Medical, Non-Medical Senior Care
Location: Douglas, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 132,000
FFE: $ 1,400 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 225,757
Cash Flow: $ 61,000
Listing ID: 201705
Description: Booming industry, great cash flow, great price!   Since 2012, this well known in-home, non-medical senior care company has served primarily Douglas and Arapahoe counties. They offer a unique in-home ...
Industry: Retail, Bars/Tavern
Location: Western Slope, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 117,300
FFE: $ 25,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 351,000
Cash Flow: $ 53,000
Listing ID: 201711
Description: This established and profitable bar/grill is located in the heart of the western slope and has often been described as the Hub of Western Colorado because it is located in ...
Industry: Pet Care & Grooming, Pet Shops & Supplies
Location: Garfield, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 110,000
FFE: $ 10,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 130,000
Cash Flow: $ 45,000
Listing ID: 201710
Description: Award-winning locals choice and vet recommended dog grooming and daycare business with a 30-year history in Colorado’s beautiful Roaring Fork Valley.  The business offers full service grooming, utilizing high quality ...
Industry: Retail
Location: United States
Listed Price: $ 100,000
Listing ID: 201417
Description: This is one of the fastest growing and successful opportunities available in the lucrative radio-control hobby industry. This company pioneered a new class of hobby store that are fresh, innovative, ...
Industry: Real Estate, Property Management
Location: Douglas, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 100,000
FFE: $ 10,700 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 206,000
Cash Flow: $ 93,000
Listing ID: 201717
Description: This well established real estate and property management company specializes in residential real estate, land, investment properties, luxury homes and rental properties.  The company’s property management division, which currently represents ...
Industry: Restaurants, Other Eating Establishments
Location: Eagle, Colorado
Listed Price: $ 65,000
FFE: $ 75,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 300,000
Cash Flow: $ 30,000
Listing ID: 201730
Description: Well located across from park and fountain water feature in a busy town center anchored by Whole Foods, this shop serves frozen yogurt, ice cream and healthy organic smoothies to ...