Your business is perhaps your most valuable asset, and you may have unique financial, timing and/or legacy objectives.  The process of selling a business begins with Touchstone Business Advisors developing an understanding your unique situation, and educating you on your options, the sequence of steps in the sales process and realities of today’s market. Touchstone Business Advisors is here to help you, the business owner. You can replace your fear and uncertainty by engaging a trusted advisor with years of expertise and a nationwide network of buyers. Our value is that we sell businesses professionally. We will provide you with full knowledge of where we are in the process and the schedule for subsequent steps.

Here is what we do for you:

  • Market your business for sale professionally.
  • Maintain confidentially and limit interruptions in your day-to-day business.
  • Work with you to maximize your business value.
  • Screen and qualify many buyers and only bring to you those who are ready, willing and able.
  • Provide the necessary separation between you and the buyer during negotiations.
  • Work through the details of financing and closing the sale.

Here are the steps to our process:

  1. Initial Meeting: The process starts with a preliminary, no-obligation meeting that is scheduled at your convenience. General information is exchanged, so that we can become acquainted with each other and your business, your goals and your story.
  2. Valuation: A business valuation is then performed to provide you with a price range that you can expect in the marketplace. You and Touchstone Business Advisors work together in establishing the asking price and terms for your company. The information required to analyze your company includes the following:Three to five years of detailed and up-to-date financial statements, including:
    • Income Statements (Profit & Loss)
    • Balance Sheets
    • Business Tax Returns
    • A list of furniture, fixtures, equipment, inventory, trade names, patents and other assets to be transferred with the company.
    • Real property and equipment leases.
    • Any contractual relationships of the business.
    • Other information which influences company operations.
  3. Listing Agreement: A contractual agreement is entered into between you and Touchstone Business Advisors, giving Touchstone Business Advisors the exclusive right to market the business for sale as your representative for a specified time period and under specified terms and conditions.
  4. Preparation for Sale: Preparing your business for sale is a critically important process and can have a direct effect on both the price you receive and the time your business spends on the market. Touchstone Business Advisors will help you focus on the things you should and shouldn’t do.
  5. Marketing: Touchstone Business Advisors, with your input and approval, creates a unique campaign to market your business opportunity to potential buyers. Our marketing objective is to reach the universe of qualified buyers who will derive the greatest value from an acquisition of your business. The cornerstone of this campaign is a detailed prospectus, which is a document that educates buyers about the operation, facility, marketing, financial status and future opportunities of the business. A national advertising campaign, using Touchstone Business Advisors extensive buyer database and search resources, is then implemented to confidentially target specific buyers, as well as approach the general public.
  6. Buyer Screening: Touchstone Business Advisors works with each buyer by first having them sign a Confidentially Agreement, then determining if they are qualified financially and/or strategically to purchase your business for sale.
  7. Business Operations: During the entire process you are responsible for maintaining or improving the value of your company by tending to daily operations. You are also responsible for providing current and/or additional information as requested by buyers.
  8. Offers: Touchstone Business Advisors confidentially schedules all buyer/seller meetings at your convenience, prepares offers, and conducts negotiations on your behalf. Strong seller and buyer emotions are a reality of business sales and negotiations. Our job is to be a buffer between buyers and sellers to temper emotions, manage the negotiation process and secure the high ground in negotiations on your behalf. Working as a team with your professional advisors, we will work to maximize the after-tax proceeds from the transaction.
  9. Due Diligence: Touchstone Business Advisors coordinates all aspects of the due diligence and contingency satisfaction process.
  10. Closing: Touchstone Business Advisors oversees the preparation of closing documents. Finally, a formal closing takes place where legal documents are signed, funds are received and ownership is transferred.