Touchstone Business Advisors specializes in assisting small and medium-sized business owners (in Colorado and beyond) to develop and realize the full value of their business through positioning their business for growth, merger/acquisition or sale. Our breadth of experience sets us apart from other firms, which focus on just consulting, financing or business brokerage services. Touchstone Business Advisors can help with growth strategies, business planning and operations improvement.

Touchstone Business Advisors’ services include:

  • Customized strategies for buying a business and selling a business
  • Business valuation analysis
  • Sell/hold timing review
  • Operations improvement
  • Interim management
  • Turnaround management
  • Offering document preparation
  • Transaction negotiation and structuring
  • Due dilligence guidance
  • Business brokerage
  • Comercial real estate brokerage
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Strategic integration
  • Financing and investment

At Touchstone Business Advisors, our main objective when selling a business is to achieve each client’s financial objectives. To obtain the highest value, Touchstone Business Advisors carefully analyzes all the details of the selling decision. If the timing is not optimum, we may recommend alternate strategies to achieve a better future sale value. In fact, a high percentage of firms reviewed are postioned for a maximum profit sale before being brought to market.

Touchstone Business Advisors’ full service selling approach brings all of these services together into a comprehensive four step process:

  1. Assessment – competitive, market and financial analysis to justify value
  2. Preparation – positioning and offering document preparation
  3. Marketing – active pursuit of potential strategic, financial and private investors
  4. Transaction – negotiation, structuring and closing

Touchstone Business Advisors conducts discrete search campaigns for corporations, private equity groups and individual buyers. We are experienced in helping clients define their target companies and implementing an aggressive search program to find a company with the “right fit.” We perform national, regional and local searches to find businesses listed and not listed for sale on the market.

Touchstone Business Advisors full service buyer search approach incorporates a four step process:

  1. Assessment – definition of target company profiles
  2. Research – active search for businesses that match the target profiles
  3. Negotiation – contact and assistance with structuring an offer
  4. Transaction – due diligence and closing