Choose Touchstone Business Advisors to help you Buy or Sell your BusinessWhile this may be a “first time” event for you buying a business or selling a business, Touchstone has the experience, solutions and patience to expertly guide you through this process.  There are three primary concepts, when taken together, differentiate Touchstone Business Advisors from other business brokers.  We do what we say, and are good people to work with.  There are many business owners that can /will attest to our reputation.  We’ve done this before, and can help determine the best path forward.  Our results speak for themselves, and have a proven track record of success.

Over the years, we have identified specific concerns expressed with regularity by nearly all buyers and sellers.   Here are some of those, and why Touchstone Business Advisors should be your trusted advisor to overcome those concerns.

A tempting notion sometimes arises with buyers and business owners, who consider: Why don’t I handle buying or selling this business myself?  Buyers and sellers with similar temptations often find they were unaware of the sequence and scope of necessary steps for a successful business transaction, as well as the benefits of taking those steps in tandem with the best possible professional guidance.  With Touchstone Business Advisors experience and assistance, you will benefit from the experience of business brokerage professionals who have done this many times before; and avoid the mistakes and expense of trial and error and/or omission.  Our professional advisors transaction experience, education and training will keep the transaction on course, without missing a step.

Every business buyer and owner wonders:  How do I obtain an objective assessment of the value of a business so that both sides are confident in the price and terms of a transaction?  A business valuation is more than number crunching and rules of thumb; it’s an art, utilizing a blend of industry, financial and current market conditions to determine the market value for a business. Making an offer for purchase or entering the market to sell a business with a price and/or terms that won’t be taken seriously or won’t qualify for bank financing will waste everyone’s time. Touchstone Business Advisors can provide you with a realistic opinion of value and suggested structure and terms that consider best practices, lending and tax issues.

Both buyers and sellers benefit from keeping potential transactions confidential throughout the process.  Customers, competitors, suppliers and employees often do not know a business is for sale.  Before any confidential information is exchanged about a business opportunity, buyers complete and sign a Confidentiality Agreement, as well as provide information demonstrating their capability to complete a proposed transaction.  Buyer-seller meeting are always pre-arranged to be conducted in a confidential manner.

Both buyers and sellers benefit from Touchstone Business Advisors professional experience in negotiating terms, including price, non-competition covenants, deal structure, seller financing, management contracts, etc.
 They both also benefit from Touchstone Business Advisors deep pool of financial, legal and financing connections.

There are many nuances to successfully completing a purchase and sale transaction. Touchstone Business Advisors has experience in a wide range of transaction types, sizes, structures, motivations and challenges.  As your trusted advisor, you can be assured that our talented team’s focus is to reduce risk and maximize the value of a transaction for you.